Folk Sales: Home


Folk Sales was originally one of many EFDSS Sales Points.  When EFDSS scrapped this useful network, Derek and Anne Appleing were the only ones who continued the task, both on-line and at various Folk Festivals and events.  They had an enormous display of books and recordings from England and further afield, and were always knowledgeable and helpful whatever people were searching for.

When Anne died in 2019 Derek decided to give up, and it seemed that Folk Sales would disappear.  But in 2020 Genni and Darren Grainger took over the job.

Genni and Darren play in the band "Orion's Ring" with Genni's father Steve Hunt, often with Genni's mother Rosemary Hunt as caller.

This website was set up in May 2020, but I'm afraid it's still not complete.  Genni and Darren have been busy doing a loft conversion (as well as both working full-time) so that they have somewhere to hold all their stock and an office for Darren to run the business from.  I hope some time they'll send me a photo and I can show you their new headquarters!

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the website (rather than Folk Sales generally) please contact Colin Hume.